John G. DuPuis

Elementary School

School District #4

District: 4 [website]
Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair
Miami-Dade County School Board


John G. DuPuis Elementary School is committed to successfully reaching and teaching all students with quality instruction and social/emotional skills enabling them to master the essential competencies and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of diverse communities and challenges in the twenty-first century.


John G. DuPuis Elementary School will successfully reach and teach all our students through effort and determination.


Dr. John Gordon DuPuis (1875-1955) was a physician and surgeon in what was known as Lemon City in Miami-Dade County. He had a dream, a vision, to do only what he thought was best for the community. He wanted to make a contribution to society, and used his many advances and theories in science in order to fulfill his dream. He wanted to empower the people, teach them knowledge and wisdom as well.  He donated the land on which John G. DuPuis Elementary School was built.

School Improvement Plan