John G. DuPuis

Elementary School

School District #4

District: 4 [website]
Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair
Miami-Dade County School Board

After-School Care

Program Goals

The School-Age program is designed to provide children time to play outdoors, interact with friends, explore creative arts, play games, work puzzles, and construct with various manipulative toys and blocks.
Goals for the children include:

  • To assist children in learning to live a successful life with loving at the center of all experience. 
  • To provide a program that allows children to develop in the areas f social, emotional cognitive and physical growth. 
  • To develop a positive self concept through social interactions that involve cooperation, conflict resolution and relationship building.


Homework Support

The ASC staff recognizes that children need dedicated space, time and support for their daily homework assignments, and every effort will be made to insure that they receive these. In the School Age program, the teacher's role with homework is multifaceted: facilitator, supporter, and resource specialist.