John G. DuPuis

Elementary School

School District #4

District: 4 [website]
Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair
Miami-Dade County School Board

Media Center

media centerThe Media Center at John G. DuPuis Elementary School is an exciting and fun place to visit. Classes visit the Media Center for story time as well as to enhance their information literacy skills. Students can find lots of great books for pleasure reading and research. In addition, multimedia resources are also available at the library Media Center.

Our Media Center is open to students throughout the school day. Students in grades Kindergarten through Second are able to visit the Media Center during their teacher's scheduled time. Students in grades Third through Fifth are able to visit the Media Center during "Open Library" times. There are computers available for student use at the Media Center . Students are allowed to use these computers for conducting research, taking AR tests, and all other necessary tasks.

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